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Qais Alamdar is a professional photographer based in Berlin, Germany.

Qais is one of the first young amateur photographer in the mid-2010s who reflected the genuine beauty of Afghanistan by taking photos from historical and cultural sites and capturing the mesmerising landscapes of Afghanistan. His photos also covered the ongoing conflict and crisis in the country.  He is currently based in Berlin, Germany where he continues his photography journey.

Contact him at:

Shakir Azizi

Shakir Azizi, Journalist

Jasmin Habibi

Jasmin, Artist

What I love about the photos is the composition. They're not just random shots but beautifully balanced and pleasant to look at.

Nasrin Nawa

Nasrin Nawa, Journalist

I love the angle and message of your photography. You are doing it amazingly!

Lejla Zjakic

Lejla Zjakic, Artist

I think that you truly bring out a specific energy of the places and scenes you choose to photograph. You allow the subject to embrace itself. I feel like I can see the vibrance and positivity in all of your photographs. It revokes a particular feeling of satisfaction-somehow connected to the enjoyment of symmetry, color alignment, and just your sense for capturing a scene from a chosen perspective. Kind of refreshing.

Farshad Usyan

Farshad Usyan, Photojournalist

I learn from following other good photographers. You have been one of those people.

Hila Hamidi

Hila Hamidi, Filmmaker

Your work is refreshing, stunning, and adds a new perspective to life. I love it!

Murtaza Edris

Murtaza Edries, Founder & CEO

You see something in everything. That's why your photos say a thousand words.

Maria-Hosein Habibi

Maria Hosein-Habibi, Artist

I like your focus on the details and the interplay between light and color.

They are (your pictures) of the best from Afghanistan, specially.


Zahra A, Fashion Designer

The moments you capture draw such a beautiful and mysterious feeling that one wishes to witness it themselves.

Lina Fouro

Lina Fouro, Singer

Very Talented Photographer.

Asef Hossaini

Asef Hossaini, Writer

Ariana Delawari

Ariana Delawari, Filmmaker

You make beautiful and inspiring images of love, joy and hope.

Yalda Masomi

Yalda Masomi, MD

The majority of them (your pictures) are architectural photographs, they are so unique and symbolic.

Matea Divkovic

Detailed. You should look at all corners of the frame.

Jamshid Hashimi

Jamshid Hashimi, Founder & CEO

Creative, unique and outstanding. Always.

Suman Shaffa

Suman Schaffa, Axel Springer Berlin

Your photography is like a mirror to me. A mirror reflecting the beauty of Afghanistan.

Matea Divkovic, Project Manager

I love your photos. To me they represent simultaneously an act of activism and expression of aesthetics.

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